Urban Art

Urban Art

As well being the home of fresh produce in Adelaide, the Market is a canvas for local artists. Over the past few months urban inspired artworks have started springing up around the Market, adding to the vibrancy and colour of the Market experience. Here’s a snap shot of the artworks and the artists who created them:

Zedz Cafe Corner

The importance of the work in the market was to blend Strength, Culture and Beauty into 1 outstanding work, with both Kab101 and Vans The Omega drawing on our entire life time of experience, skills and technique to create the right balance across the wall. Both styles are woven & flipped from side to side in order to complement each others styles and abilities. “We were both very conscious to make a work that could stop onlookers in there tracks and create a talking point for young and old while crossing racial divides”. Either through Colour, Pattern or brush stroke Both Kab and Vans have drawn on traveling experience and what it means to live within a multi cultural society and how these ideas can live harmoniously side by side as it’s people.


About the artists

Kab101 began working with aerosol paints in the early eighties. From a background of this writing style he started experimenting with acrylics and brushwork calligraphy in the 90s. Influenced by nyc subway writing he became interested in developing lettering forms beyond simple tags to encrypted names and symbols.

Writing is the basis for his gallery  and street works and his calligraphic style. The written name , emotions and his personal outlook on life is hidden within these patterns that explore direction fluidity and composition.

Email: hello@kab101

Mainly based in Adelaide, Vans the Omega (aka Joel Van Moore) has been creating and painting letter forms for over two decades. His standing as one of the world’s foremost street artists means he has been traveling the globe working almost consistently since 2000.

Most of his influences have come from ancient scripts, Architecture, engineering, nature, beauty, human form & the idea of movement or balance.
Recognised for his attention to detail & search for perfection within letter structure, technique & life has put Vans the Omega in the spot light worldwide & helped to advance the way in which the art form is painted.

Vans is a magician with an aerosol; he turns himself into a machine as he paints, creating perfect circles and straight lines that form geometric shapes that unless you saw it for yourself you wouldn’t believe were painted freehand.

Email: passage33@gmail.com

Web: vanstheomega.com