Bastille Day Official Opening

Bastille Day Official Opening

On Friday 14 July 2017, the Market celebrated Bastille Day with a variety of French festivities. The day was officially opened by the Honourable Susan Close MP, Chair of French Engagement Advisory Group with a giant Eiffel Tower cake created by Market trader, Dough.
Nick Begakis AO, Chairman of the Adelaide Central Market Authority shared some words below to commemorate the occasion.

‘I acknowledge our special guests present.Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us today. Today, July 14, Bastille Day, is a day of celebration for French communities around the world in honour of the French republic and a celebration of  French culture.

Our Market community joins these global celebrations and it is worth noting south australia’s unique historical connection with France.
April 1802 saw Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin warily met at what is now eEcounter Bay. Flinders was traveling East and Baudin West.
Warily is right, after all, England and France were in a brief period of peace between hostilities. much of the conversation was about safe passage documentation and maps.
But interestingly part of the conversation was also about food. Apparently Matthew Flinders advised Nicolas Baudin that Kangaroo Island was a “good spot to go for a feed”.
And so here we are, 215 years later, at the Adelaide Central Market, another good spot for a feed. my research indicates that as early as 1851, Thelisima Aubert at his home named Sans Souci, was possibly the first Frenchman to grow vines in South Australia, in the Salisbury area. 

I acknowledge, our cultures’ shared appreciation for good food and wine, which in South Sustralia we are fortunate to produce food and wine to a world-leading standard.the Adelaide Central Market has long been a multicultural community of people. over 42 cultures are represented amongst our traders, and many more amongst our shoppers we have 500 prople working at the Central Market amongst our 70 stalls, all within 8,000 square metres. what a demonstration of our rich multicultural heritage and a shared commonality that transcends nationality, a community between all people that is shared through food. food is a global language, and the Market is the place to buy ingredients and cuisine from home, your home, whether home is near or far, and feel a sense of community and belonging.  Food is a primary source of cultural expression, and our Market reflects much of French culture through the wonderful array of french fare showcased every day – eclairs, crepes, croissants, truffle, charcuterie and of course…cheese.

South Australia has a relatively small number of French migrants as the French have not migrated in the same numbers as other Europeans however, the French community has had a significant influence on Australian life, reflected particularly in the food industry, with many of our local chefs, producers and wine makers drawing inspiration from France’s food and wine masters. Recent defence announcements will see a deepening if our French connections which will extend over generations to come. Food is an opportunity to bring global communities together and we very much look forward to welcoming Adelaide’s growing French community to the Market family’.