The General Story

The General Story

‘The General Story’ is free interactive display which aims to educate Market customers about food waste.

Customers can meet the digital characters Milk, Bread, Banana, Eggplant and Lamb Chop! Each character can be interacted with to find out how they are grown and made, how much energy and water is used to grow them and why they often get wasted – plus delicious recipes on how to use them. It’s a great way to learn where food comes from and ways not to waste it.

Australians throw out up to 20% of the food they purchase – that’s about $1000 for the average family! So reducing food wastage is a great way to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

“The General Story” is located in the North East corner (near Sunmi Sushi) and is open during normal trading hours. It is delivered as part of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide initiative and is a collaboration between the Smart City Studio, OzHarvest, the Central Market Authority and Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

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