School Visits

The Adelaide Central Market is a popular destination for school aged children to learn about fresh produce, multi-cultural cuisine and finance. Schools are most welcome to visit the Market on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during open hours (all schools must complete the school visit form).

There are a number of great activities for your school to do as part of your visit to the Adelaide Central Market such as:

• Use worksheets from our Adelaide Central Market’s Brain Food program (see below) to assist with your visit, please view the ‘School Education Pack’ tab.

• Provide an allocated budget for each student to purchase a selected item from within the Market for a shared lunch. Victoria Square is within walking distance and provides a large space for you class to enjoy a shared lunch outside.

• Purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from within the Market to take back to school to recreate a yummy recipe from our website.

• Visit The General Story – a fun, innovative and interactive way for students to learn more about the issue of food waste through the experiences of everyday food items found in the fridge or pantry, as well as common ways to avoid food waste. Your students can meet and interact with the digital characters Milk, Bread, Banana, Eggplant and Lamb Chop. They will discover information about where and how each is grown and made, how much energy and water is used to grow them and why they often get wasted.  The General Story is located in stall GR43 (across from Sunmi Sushi – Stall 1).  Click here for more information about the General Story or here to download the free activity worksheet.