Tasting Australia at the Market

Tasting Australia at the Market

Dough & the Dairyman – Tickets $60
Tuesday 17 April 6.30PM – 8PM

Savour the simple pleasures. This evening will match artisan sourdough bread with locally made butter, giving you a guide to making your own butter at home. Smelly Cheese founder Valerie Henbest will join the Barossa’s Dairyman Michael Wohlstadt for this session that explores people, places and the pastures that are home to some of the world’s innovative and exciting producers. The team will explain how landscapes of the world can be experienced through flavour. See how a classic combination can become extraordinary.
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State of Origin – Tickets $90
Thursday 19 April 6.30PM – 8PM

It’s the ultimate showdown – South Australia versus Victoria. But the battlegrounds are not what you’d expect. There’s no football field in sight. Instead, the object of the competition is culinary: cheese. Try three wines with matched cheeses from South Australia and compare with three wine and cheese pairings from Victoria. Discover the diversity and depth of flavour from around the state with wines and cheeses selected from Clare Valley to McLaren Vale and beyond.  Resident cheese experts will guide guests through the historical lineage and unique attributes of each individual blend.
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Glasshouse Kitchen at Town Square – The Romans (Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga) – Tickets $195
Sunday 22 April 12PM – 4PM

Indulge in the quintessential Italian tradition of a long lunch shared in good company.

The godfathers of risotto – Christian and Manuel Costardi – will lead the charge bringing their Piedmontese heritage and Italian panache for abundance with them to the kitchen. At their restaurant the Costardi brothers present tasting menus based around Evolution, Passion, Emotion and Territory; guests can expect touches of each throughout the evening.

From Sydney, Federico Zanellato brings Italian flavours with a Japanese aesthetic that has made LuMi one of the east coast’s most innovative and sought-after restaurants. Although Zanellato learned about ingredients – from picking fruit to butchery – from his grandparents, he flourished under Roman chefs Francesco Apreda and Maurizio Morelli before pushing the boundaries of tradition himself.

On the other side of the city, Monty Koludrovic is serving modern Italian at Bondi’s iconic Icebergs Dining Room and Bar that draws inspiration from traditions passed on by his grandmother. Known for his international palate, Koludrovic is also responsible for putting thin, Roman-style pizza on the menu at the Dolphin Hotel.

Locally, no-one commands Italian cuisine more than the famed Lucia family. Matriarch Lucia Rosella opened Adelaide’s first pizza bar in the 1960s and her family now carry the tradition where they serve pasta, secondi and pizza in abundance at their iconic Central Market premises. The place is always buzzing with smiling faces and friendly chatter reminiscent of a D.O.C. Italian trattoria.

Bring your appetite and good humour.

Each course will be matched with premium wines from East End Cellars including La Prova, Brash Higgins and Oliver’s Taranga.
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