House of Organics & Sustainabily Grown Produce

House of Organics & Sustainabily Grown Produce

STALL: S34-35
CONTACT: James: 0430 393 544; Bill: 0419 840 429
OWNER'S NAME: James Hillier
MANAGER'S NAME: Bill Howison
PRODUCTS: Fresh seasonal and organic fruit and vegetables.

The House of Organiscs & Sustainably Grown Produce has a wide range of fresh and organic produce available. Many of our products are sourced straight from the Adelaide Hills and Adelaide surrounds.

Their staff pride themselves on educating customers about seasonality, where the products come from, the varieties available and the importance of organic.

They use a three colour coding system with all their products:

  • Blue means minimum spraying
  • Green means organic
  • Red means the traditional way of growing using sprays.



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