Jagger Fine Foods

Jagger Fine Foods

CONTACT: 0438 91 3838 or info@jaggerfinefoods.com.au
OWNER'S NAME: Robyn Siebert
PRODUCTS: Dips, pesto, antipasti, olives, chees, pasta, sauces, olive oil, vinegars, salts, jams, chutneys, dukkah, Australian Bush foods, spices, mustards, mayonnaises, stock, pastry, global ingredients including Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish, French, Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian.

Jagger Fine Foods has been trading in the Central Market for 17 years and are well known for our dips, antipasti, olives (plain, mixed, marinated and stuffed), spices and specialty ingredients.  We have a large range of South Australian products including olives, olive oils, verjuice, vinegars and dressings, chutneys, relishes and sauces.  Australian bush foods feature alongside global ingredients, if you’re exploring international cuisine at home.

We are also known for our knowledge on ingredients and how to prepare and cook many foods and dishes – just ask!

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