Mushroom Man's Mushroom Shop

Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop

CONTACT: 0400 189 303
OWNER'S NAME: Marco Marinelli
PRODUCTS: Mushrooms and mushroom related products

The Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop is all about mushrooms. We have the best mushrooms available all year round and specialise in exotics and truffles and truffle oils.

Our success is based on 30 years of family history within the Central Market, excellent value for money, efficient and professional service and exceptional quality mushrooms (and more recently truffles), are the hallmarks of the Mushroom Shop.

From the basic white button, to the sophistication of porcini mushrooms, to the sublime indulgence of some of the world’s best truffles, the Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop has redefined the mushroom experience for the food-loving public of Adelaide.


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