Standom Smallgoods

Standom Smallgoods

CONTACT: (08) 8231 0541
PRODUCTS: Continental smallgoods, meats and gourmet foods

Standom Smallgoods was established in 1978 and run as a family business, and is now a famous South Australian icon that has been providing this state with a huge variety of award winning smallgoods for over 30 years. Tantalizing aromas greet you when you walk into any one of Standom’s outlets.

Recently at the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) State Sausage King and Smallgoods Awards 2011, Standom Smallgoods was awarded:

GOLD: Vienna Deluxe & Strassburg

Traditional Leg Ham, Schwarzwelder Ham, Mini Leg Ham, Garlic Mettwurst, Hugarian Salami, Cervalatwurst, Lachsshinkin, Baked Pork Neck, Capsicum Leberkase, Bung Fritz***, Chilli Cheese Kranski, Debricini, Paprika Lyoner,
Gourmet Presswurst, Baurnspeck, French Ham, German Salami, Crushed Chilli Coated Salami, Middle Bacon, Seasoned Roast Pork, Jaegerbraten, Roasted Meatloaf, Cheese Kranski, Short Kabana, Spanish Kassler***, Savoury Chicken Loaf, Bierschinken with Pistachio

English Cooked Ham, Juniper Berry Sausage (Polish Hunter), Dried Pork Neck, Rum Salami, Dutch Smoked Beef.

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