The Yoghurt Shop

The Yoghurt Shop

PRODUCTS: Classic, Skinny and Natural Yoghurt all with your favourite toppings free from preservatives, gluten, cream, gelatines and additives. Our Yoghurt is all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.

The Central Market Yoghurt Shop is the original shop which has now grown to 10 shops South Australia wide.

Our Greek Yoghurt is made through a traditional method handed down over three generations. It has a full bodied taste without all the bad things added. Our Yoghurt has live cultures which are essential for healthy living.

Combine the Yoghurt with a generous helping of our fruit purees or try a little of our addictive chocolate toppings.

Come in and see the team of dedicated Yoghurt Shop staff and try our Lemon Cheesecake or Mixed Berry flavours and taste the difference for yourself.



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