The Adelaide Central Market is a popular destination for school aged children to learn about fresh produce, multi-cultural cuisine and finance. Schools are most welcome to visit the Market on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during open hours (all schools must complete the school visit form below).

There are a number of great activities for your school to do as part of your visit to the Adelaide Central Market such as:

• Use worksheets from our Adelaide Central Market’s Brain Food program (see below) to assist with your visit, please view the ‘School Education Pack’ tab.

• Provide an allocated budget for each student to purchase a selected item from within the Market for a shared lunch. Victoria Square is within walking distance and provides a large space for you class to enjoy a shared lunch outside.

• Purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from within the Market to take back to school to recreate a yummy recipe from our website.

Adelaide Central Market’s Brain Food

The Adelaide Central Market’s Brain Food program was designed to communicate to school aged children the importance of food, culture, sustainability and how this relates to the community in which they live.  The Education Pack worksheets have been designed to complement the national curriculum and can be used as a teachers aid and includes education themes including;
• The Changing Culture of Adelaide
• The Importance of Creating and Shaping Community
• Adelaide Central Market as a Cultural Icon
• Food Hygiene & Safety
• Business Studies
The documents are available to teachers in both ‘word’ and as PDF’s so that the content may be changed to suit their subject matter.

Education Pack Overview
ACM Quiz 1 – Word
ACM Quiz 1 – PDF
ACM Quiz 2 – Word
ACM Quiz 2 – PDF
Creativity and Market Vibe – Word
Creativity and Market Vibe – PDF
Food Hygiene – Word
Food Hygiene – PDF
Local Food Production – Word
Local Food Production – PDF
Market Food Challenge – Word
Market Food Challenge – PDF
Multiculturalism 1 – Word
Multiculturalism 1 – PDF
Multiculturalism 2 – Word
Multiculturalism 2 – PDF
Starting A Business – Word
Starting A Business – PDF


School Visit Form

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    1. CONFIRMATION - Adelaide Central Market (ACM) will contact you via phone or email within 48 hours of receiving the Booking Form. All bookings are subject to daily limits and availability. Submission of this form does not guarantee your visit.
    2. CANCELLATIONS - Cancellations require a minimum notice of 3 business working days.
    3. COMPLIANCE - The school representatives will use their best endeavours to ensure that the visit is conducted in an orderly and non-disruptive manner. Please ensure your group does not obstruct our stallholders and customers shopping. ACMA reserves the right to exclude or eject any and all persons from the premises without liability.
    4. SAFETY - Teachers and Guardians are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their group of students. At least 1 teacher/guardian must be present for every 6 children in the group, to ensure the safety of the students and to allow for adequate supervision. Please ensure that your group is split up accordingly around the Market as to not obstruct customers or stall holders.