The Adelaide Central Market’s Brain Food program is a new initiative designed to establish with school aged children the importance of food, culture, sustainability and how this relates to the community in which they live.  It has been designed to complement the national curriculum can be used as a teachers aid and includes education themes including;

  • The Changing Culture of Adelaide
  • The Importance of Creating and Shaping Community
  • Adelaide Central Market as a Cultural Icon
  • Food Hygiene & Safety
  • Business Studies

The Education Pack worksheets are complementary to the national curriculum in a number of ways, including history, social studies, science, English and geography. Cross-curricula subjects are also addressed in the areas of local community, civics and citizenship.

A large number of skills relevant to the stages of learning for the middle school years are identified through visiting the market. These include predicting, observation, surveying, confidence building, forming opinions, seeking opinions other than self, teamwork and listening.

The documents are available to teachers in both ‘word’ and as PDF’s so that the content may be changed to suit their subject matter.

Education Pack Overview
ACM Quiz 1 - Word
ACM Quiz 1 – PDF
ACM Quiz 2 - Word
ACM Quiz 2 – PDF
Creativity and Market Vibe - Word
Creativity and Market Vibe - PDF
Food Hygiene - Word
Food Hygiene - PDF
Local Food Production - Word
Local Food Production - PDF
Market Food Challenge - Word
Market Food Challenge - PDF
Multiculturalism 1 - Word
Multiculturalism 1 - PDF
Multiculturalism 2 - Word
Multiculturalism 2 - PDF
Starting A Business - Word
Starting A Business - PDF

Regardless of reason for the visit, all schools must complete the Booking Form and return it to to secure the visit.